Release: NECROPOLIS: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve

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Death becomes you.

NECROPOLIS, a merciless action/roguelite where death is its own reward, is available now for single-player gameplay on Windows, DRM-free on!

Who doesn’t enjoy a spectacular, brutal, educational death? Especially if it’s permanent, which means all your hard-earned or crafted gear, your elixirs, and any trust you had in your friends now lie shattered on the floor of an accursed, constantly-shifting dungeon.
But it also means that you get to start fresh, armed with more knowledge, better-honed skills, new tools, and unlockable abilities. So you’ve got no excuse if you die again. And again. And again. And one time after that. Then two more. Yes that’s it, you’re getting the hang of this now.

The release currently supports single-player mode and offline functionality on Windows. OS X support, as well as GOG Galaxy support for achievements & multiplayer is coming in the near future. Stay tuned for updates from and Harebrained Schemes.

Grab NECROPOLIS, the unforgivingly cheeky dungeon-crawler, DRM-free on

Word on the street:
“Turns out life after death is pretty deadly :/ ” – Random adventurer
“Do you feel lucky, punk?” – Random monster
“Nope, I do not.”- Dark Souls veteran

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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