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And the Universe star(e)s back at you

J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars, a narrative-driven sci-fi adventure game about unlocking the mysteries of a foreign solar system, is now available DRM-free on for Windows and Linux, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements and a 50% launch discount.

It is the most carefully-laid plans that usually go awry in the most catastrophic manner. Top astrobiologist Rachel Manners wakes up from a decades-long cryogenic sleep inside a massive space probe, fully equipped and meticulously designed to carry out a recon mission on a solar system similar to our own. The rest of the crew is gone, the space ship is heavily damaged, and Rachel has no idea where in the universe she is. But perhaps J.U.L.I.A., the ship’s A.I., does.

Rachel sets out to explore six exotic planets, accompanied by the hulking MOBOT, a reconnaissance robot that was built specifically for this mission. She must solve dozens of puzzles, overcome the obstacles of the unfamiliar terrain, and gather clues, in order to learn the reasons behind the mission’s apparent failure and her crew’s demise. How come she is the only one who survived? Did the mysterious signal that got them here have anything to do with all this? And how long will she manage to put up with J.U.L.I.A.’s shenanigans?

Join a lonely astronaut, a huge robot, and a temperamental A.I. as they venture in J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars, DRM-free on The 50% launch discount will last until April 13, 1:59 PM UTC.

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