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Kid, you’re being hunted.

INSIDE, a surreal, thought-provoking puzzle/platformer about an enigmatic boy making his way through a bleak cityscape, is available now, DRM-free on with a 25% launch discount.

Everyone is out to get you. Masked guards with blinding flashlights, farm pigs gone feral under the influence of a dangerous parasite, erratic dogs, indescript vehicles blocking your way, faceless surveillance systems. Those who don’t seek to harm you, march around lifelessly, like puppets hanging loosely from the strings of a cruel god. You are scared, confused, alone. But you are determined. And with the help of some strange devices, your desperate reflexes, and your quick wit, you may yet manage to overcome all obstacles and uncover the truth behind this mysterious project that seems to be at the core of this dark journey.

Escape your pursuers and overcome the puzzles that prevent you from finding out what’s hiding INSIDE, DRM-free on
The 25% launch discount will last until November 27, 10:59 PM UTC.

In the press:
“The universe INSIDE depicts is one the eeriest, most captivating settings I’ve ever encountered in a game.”
9.5/10 – Polygon

“INSIDE expands on the concepts and scope of its predecessor in wildly creative ways [..]. This is one hell of a followup.”
5/5 – Giant Bomb

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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