Release: Imperator: Rome – Epirus Content Pack

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As Rome’s power extended to the Greek colonies in Southern Italy, it was faced by one of the great generals of the classical world, Pyrrhus of Epirus. Now, thanks to Imperator: Rome – Epirus Content Pack, you can take the lead of his country and bring fear to the hearts of the Roman legionnaires.

The content pack for Imperator: Rome includes a unique army model for Epirus, a new ship model, and a monument (the Oracle complex of Dodona). It also adds 6 event chains related to the life of Pyrrhus of Epirus each with new art, 3 additional Epirus event chains, and one new music track.

Imperator: Rome – Epirus Content Pack release comes with a special set of discounts. Until 14th August 2020, 9:59 PM UTC, the Imperator: Rome base game, its Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack, and OST are available on GOG.COM 50% off.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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