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Visual Novels have arrived on! Our first selection includes acclaimed games, revered for their intricate artwork and stimulating stories, up to 66% off until May 29, 1pm UTC.

Higurashi When They Cry Chapters 1-5 (25% off): Spawning a popular anime and manga series, Higurashi is a “sound novel”, where meticulously designed audio plays a crucial part in these unique stories. Chapters 1-5 are available today, with Chapter 6 slated for release in the near future.

fault (50% off): Sometimes it takes a healthy dose of pulp sci-fi and a dash of fantasy to weave a powerful cinematic story about the human condition. These two episodes of the ongoing series star the perky princess Selphine and her sarcastic guardian Ritona, as they desperately try to make their way back to their homeland.

Sunrider series (66% off): An alternate universe, intergalactic strife, mech combat, high school, and love all around. Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius (free!), Liberation Day, and Sunrider Academy are a beloved and unique mix of strategy, romance, and visual novel. De-censor patch optional, but come on.

eden* (66% off): Stock up on tissues. This critically-acclaimed love story on a dying planet is a real tear-jerker told with stunning cinematic flair. Humanity is about to be wiped out by a red star but this story is destined to stick around for much longer.

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