Release: Dreamfall Chapters Book 4 – Revelations

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The penultimate stop in a truly unforgettable journey.

Dreamfall Chapters – Book 4: Revelations brings you one step closer to the thrilling conclusion of this five-part adventure, and is available now, DRM-free on!

Book 4 of Dreamfall Chapters is now in circulation!
Get ready to revisit the imaginative world first introduced in The Longest Journey, where science, magic and the realm of dreams collide. This is the tale of a world where broken heroes shape history, it’s a journey through the murky streets of a dystopian future, the magical landscapes of a fantasy world, and a mysterious land of dreams that lies vaguely in between. Tread carefully as you navigate a story filled with fateful choices and consequences while exploring breathtaking environments – now looking and running smoother than ever after the recently implemented engine upgrade to Unity 5.

Book Four: Revelations sets the stage for the gripping finale to the The Longest Journey saga that has been captivating gamers’ imaginations for over 15 years. Are you ready to find out what awaits at the end of this epic journey? Dreamfall Chapters is a five part series – getting the game now will also grant you access to episode five, as soon as it becomes available.

The Special Edition comes packed with some amazing bonus content, such as an digital art-book, a FLAC soundtrack, and short stories based on this rich world. If you’re not ready to commit just yet, you can pick up the upgrade later on.

Continue the story of Dreamfall Chapters with Book 4: Revelations, available now DRM-free on

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