Release: Dracula 4 + 5

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The legacy of blood is yours to witness.

In the ominous reaches of the Carpathian mountains a ruthless voivod ruled from the height of his throne red with blood of his enemies. Whoever met him in battle would call him a demon, or a devil. His subjects had a different name for him, though, in their tongue. They called him Dracul, the Dragon. The legend has it, that this fierce warrior renounced God and become cursed to roam the Earth forever, restless, hungry for innocent blood, and doomed never to see the light of day again. But the curse came with power growing with every century of roaming the darkness. Thus, Dracul became the embodiment of evil and darkness itself, the one that fills our hearts with fear whenever the light goes out. The Vampire, the immortal enemy of man, that hunts in the night up to this day. So the legend says. There is at least a grain of truth to every legend.

Dracula 4 + 5 takes the vampiric lore into the modern setting. We follow Ellen Cross, a young art restorer, on her journey across Europe. In her way she’s confronted with mysterious and terrifying events that will make her question everything us humans assume to know about the world. Secret societies, dark rituals, and powerful demons stand in her path. Finally, Ellen discovers new information about the Shadow of the Dragon–the mysterious brotherhood that the infamous Vlad Tepes might have been affiliated with. Thus begins the endgame of the centuries-long struggle between the light and dark. Will you dare to follow Ellen’s blood-chilling story?

Immerse yourself in the twisted, dark, and dangerous world of the vampire mythos and challenge the Dark Lord of Carpathia himself! Get Dracula 4 + 5 for only $4.99 before Sunday, April 27, at 1:59PM GMT.

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