Release: Din’s Curse

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Don’t miss the Demon War expansion, 50% off like the main game!

Din’s Curse, a astoundingly deep and replayable hack-and-slash type fantasy RPG with randomized world generation, is available 50% off for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. That’s only $4.99 for the first week. For that time, you can also get the Demon War expansion for $2.49.

In Din’s Curse, you will explore an extensive underground, slaying dangerous monsters, solving dynamic quests, dodging deadly traps, and in your spare time, plundering loot. Quell uprisings, flush out traitors, kill assassins, cure plagues, purge curses, end wars, and complete other dangerous quests or the danger WILL escalate. Not all is as it seems though, traitors will gladly stab you in the back, renegades can revolt against the town, spies can set up ambushes, and items might even curse or possess your friends.
Choose one of 141 class combinations and journey to an infinite number of dynamically generated towns with vastly different problems. Every game is a surprise! Your actions have real consequences in this dynamic, evolving world. Your choices actually matter!

If you’re up for a truly original, open-ended action-RPG experience, make sure you pick up both Din’s Curse and it’s Demon War add-on for only $7.98 total. The 50% off special release discount for both will last until Tuesday, October 14, at 1:59PM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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