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Democracy 3: Africa, the standalone political strategy about managing the complex African nations, is now available for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on

It’s easy to condemn and scoff at politicians because you think you could do a much better job steering a nation the right way. Most of the time it’s because they are indeed doing a depressingly poor job but occasionally what you need is perspective. Africa is a vast, abused, volatile continent and being in charge of its messy political situations will give you an excellent chance to prove that you truly are the governor its people need.

To achieve such a tall order, you must actively try to improve the lives of your people, navigate the large-scale events, influence voters so that you can stay in power, and manage relations with neighboring nations. Tackle the problems and needs of the diverse African countries in a turn-based manner, always keeping in mind the larger implications of your actions. Access to clean water, concerns of malnutrition, subpar education, and internal conflicts will crop up as you strive to lead ten African nations to a better future. Will you go down as a revered ruler in the continent’s modern history or destroy what’s left of its nations’ welfare?

Exercise staunch determination, intense data-crunching, and smart political maneuvering as you rule Democracy 3: Africa, DRM-free on

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