Release: Cultist Simulator

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Hello madness, my old friend.

Cultist Simulator is now available at 10% off until June 7, 5pm UTC, DRM-free to

**Buy in the first week to receive the Perpetual Edition, which gives you access to upcoming DLC, planned to add new roles, characters, and legacies. This offer expires June 7, 6pm UTC.**

You got the fever again. It’s been two days since you last ate but your research is more important. Gotta crack that ancient book, whose arcane language promises a glimpse at cosmic mysteries not intended for mortal minds. Just need to play your cards right: visit the right places, gain the proper insight, combine your madness with that of loyal followers, who would gladly sacrifice or be sacrificed in the name of terrible beings lurking at the edge of whispers. Don’t worry about failing the first time. Worry about letting the moths escape.

Check out this piece for some insight into Alexis Kennedy’s writing process during the creation of Cultist Simulator.

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