Release: Cossacks II Anthology

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Europe goes to war.

Cossacks II Anthology, a grand strategy inspired by historical events, is available now, DRM-free on, with a 60% launch discount.

Our fair planet has never lacked for mass-scale conflict, but the 19th century European wars were truly a sight to behold. The nations of France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, Egypt, Duchy of Warsaw, Confederation of the Rhine, and Great Britain got locked in an extensive series of conflicts that forever changed the shape and power balance in the continent. As a commanding general of one of the warring nations, you will take control of massive armies and try to neutralize the enemy forces in real-time combat before they can fight back. As you rise in ranks, more and more types of troops will become available, and if you feel like re-creating some of history’s most iconic skirmishes, like the Battle of Austerlitz or the Battle of Ulm, this is your chance to see how you’d fare, general.

Re-write european history and lead your huge armies to victory in the European battlefields of Cossacks II Anthology, DRM-free on
The 60% discount will last for the duration of the Back to School Sale.

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