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The Complete Adventure

Broken Age, the first graphic adventure designed by Tim Schafer in sixteen years, is now complete! If you own the Act 1 already, you can download your second episode right away, or get the game with a 30% launch discount.

Broken Age is a story of two teenagers in strangely familiar situations, but in radically different worlds. The story of barfing trees and talking spoons weaves between the two protagonists: Vella, who is about to be sacrificed to protect her home village from a giant monster, and Shay, who is the only passenger on a mysterious, overly-motherly spacecraft. The duo is about to set out on a parallel coming-of-age story that marks Double Fine’s grand return to adventure gaming. The long-awaited Act 2 brings the story to a close, and delivers more of Broken Age storytelling, more of the all star-voice cast, (including Elijah Wood, Wil Wheaton, Jack Black, and Jennifer Hale), and more of the painterly, storybook visuals.

It’s all about change in Broken Age: Act 2, available DRM-free on! The 30% launch discount will last for one week, until Tuesday, May 5, at 9:59 AM.

Tim Schafer (via Skype) and Outstar will be playing the game live on!

See the play host to Outstar, hosting the hysterical Tim Schafer as they prance about the ins and outs of Broken Age on THURSDAY, April 30th, at 6pm GMT / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT

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