Release: Black Moon Chronicles

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Which side are you on, boy?

Black Moon Chronicles, an epic fantasy RTS about choosing the right ally and going to war, is available now, DRM-free on

Wismerhill is not a hero, yet when he comes into possession of a small kingdom, he knows he must become one and fast. War is brewing and the half-elf must choose who to side with, in order to ensure that the kingdom of Garundel does not get swallowed whole by the tidal waves of history.
Wismerhill can fight alongside one of four factions, each with its own personality, units, and unique advantages. Throughout his adventure he will hire new soldiers, research new unit types, spells, and abilities, fortify his castle, and pit his regiments against those of his enemies. Preparation for battle is key, but the tactical decisions you make during the real-time combat may prove to be of equal -if not greater- importance. Will you manage to maintain, and perhaps even expand the kingdom of Garundel amidst the chaos?

Guide an upstart king towards greatness and rewrite the Black Moon Chronicles, DRM-free on

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