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BATTLETECH is now available, DRM-free on
**Buy it until May 8 to get Shadowrun Returns for FREE.**

If you own FTL or Into the Breach, BATTLETECH is 10% off until April 26, 4pm UTC.
If you’re eligible for these offers but didn’t get them, please reach out to Support.

It’s 3025 and the world is being torn apart by conflict while an interstellar civil war is a-brewing. The only way to survive is by leading your own mercenary outfit of MechWarriors through this brutal power struggle between corrupt rulers and ambitious aristocrats. Customize your giant BattleMechs and pilots, keep them upgraded and fit for battle, then unleash them upon your enemies in turn-based skirmishes that might as well decide the future of this war-ravaged world.

Go for the Deluxe Edition to also get the digital Art Book, OST, 4K Wallpapers, and more.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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