Release: Battletech – Heavy Metal

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In the distant future, a destructive war still wages on. Heavy Metal is a new DLC from Paradox Interactive. It gives BATTLETECH gamers 8 new ‘Mechs and some additional weapon systems to use with deadly accuracy in this turn-based strategy game. Heavy Metal DLC also includes a Flashpoint Mini-Campaign featuring two characters that are known to all fans of the BATTLETECH franchise, which turned 35 this year.

The Heavy Metal DLC release comes with a set of special discounts. First of all, now you can buy the original BATTLETECH and its Digital Deluxe Edition 66% off. Moreover, BATTLETECH Mercenary Collection, Digital Deluxe Content, Flashpoint, Urban Warfare, and Shadow Hawk Pack will be available with a 50% discount, while Season Pass – 33% off. The promo ends on 25th November, at 9 AM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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