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Fuzzy wuzzy. Deep & tactical.

Armello a beautiful mix of card game, tabletop and RPG, is available now on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on

Looks aren’t everything, and they can be deceiving. Armello’s beautiful art, from the 2D Animated cutscenes through the 3D world and its characters, is an exceptional achievement that marries classic aesthetics with completely new mediums. The warmth of a classic Disney cartoon emanates from every corner of this graphical masterpiece.
But in armello, looks are just the tip of the iceberg – and deceiving they are. Underneath the lighthearted and whimsical facade is a deep, sophisticated mix of strategy, card game and RPG – it’s no child’s play. Your adventures across the world of Amello will be filled with peril, tactical challenge and difficult decisions – you’ll affect the politics of this world, as well as its people. And whether you’re a bear, a fox, or a bunny rabbit – your quest for the crown will be painted with blood. Armello takes the classic fantasy of cartoon animal adventure, and the feel of a truly mature tabletop, and brings them together in one of the most surprisingly entertaining indie titles of the year.

The soothing sounds of nature have nothing on the Armello Original Soundtrack, so sit back and heed the Wyld’s Call.

Rule the animal kingdom in Armello, available DRM-free on

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