Release: Anno 1701 + 1503 A.D.

Classic Games

The Pioneering spirit lives on.

The Anno games are a strategy series that offer a mix of real time strategy, city building and business simulation – a pioneering adventure that throws you into a whole new world to conquer through wit and planning, not by the sword alone. Your own world! With Anno 1602 A.D. back on our PCs – we’re ready to continue our quantum leap across the ages…

Anno 1503 A.D. again hands you your own ship with minimal provisions and leaves you to turn it into a bustling island nation, or to wither away trying. Scout out the perfect island to start your brave new colony (your very own Plymouth!), check for fertile lands and mineral-rich surroundings, then begin your conquest of nature and international relations whilst keeping your growing nation happy. While the core and soul of the game remains true to its predecessor, your startup nation has never looked better. The games comes complete with the “Treasures, Monsters & Pirates” expansion pack!

Jump forward two centuries, and though the world and technology have changed, the true pioneering spirit lives on in Anno 1701 A.D.: welcome to a bigger, better, more three dimensional world! The Anno series has always required a thirst for discovery – even as far as just learning the game itself. That’s why Anno 1701 A.D. is out to ease you into its many facets. This time around you will be conquering the wild and tropical islands of the Caribbean, all the while juggling your relationships with pirate warlords and enterprising European nations. Expand your nation and possibilities with “The Sunken Dragon” expansion pack, featuring plenty of new content and a custom map editor which just happens to be about half the fun.

Exploration, trading, resource management, diplomacy – and combat, should you need …read more

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