Release: Anno 1404 Gold Edition

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Come for the business, stay for the sights.

Anno 1404 Gold Edition, the city-building RTS set during the dawn of the Renaissance, is available now DRM-free on with a 33% launch discount.

Arguably, the course of human history and our cultural footprint are mainly defined by a constant drive for discovery and evolution. But would these fine qualities even exist if they were not prompted by our insatiable hunger for power and financial gain?

Anno 1404 Gold Edition speaks of a time when large-scale endeavors like the Crusades, the hanseatic trade, and the ushering of the Renaissance provided numerous opportunities for business and conflict between rising powers. You, as the newly appointed ruler of a fictional fiefdom, are in the perfect position to seize these opportunities and become a prominent player in this tug of war. Efficient trading and fearless exploration across the globe will be your bread and butter, but should circumstances call for conflict, your combat readiness will also be tested on both land and sea. You must manage your population, build majestic gothic cathedrals, and expand your influence in both the Occident and the Orient, as you become one of the pioneers of capitalism.

Build and expand your empire by trading goods and blows with foreign kingdoms in Anno 1404 Gold Edition, DRM-free on The 33% discount will last until January 19, 1:59 PM GMT.

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