Price of Project Warlock lowered in Australia & New Zealand, buyers eligible for full refunds

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Price driven down under.

Buckshot Software, developers of rad retro FPS Project Warlock, and the game’s publisher gaming company ltd, have decided to adjust the game’s current pricing in Australia and New Zealand. Players from those regions who purchased Project Warlock before that adjustment will receive refunds to their GOG Wallet.

They explain: “The game is priced at two major points: $12 and €11, which were converted into many local currencies based on what’s supposed to be standard conversion tables that reflect each local digital goods’ pricing habits. After the launch users who purchased the game in 27.00 AUD (the equivalent of 19.83 USD) mentioned that they were unfavorably marked up. It seems that on average, games in Australia and New Zealand are pricier than in the US and Europe, when exchanged at market rates.

A decision was made to amend that mistake and adjust the game’s price down to 17 AUD, effective from the 5th of December. In addition, with the help of GOG, we’re rolling out a plan to allow everyone who purchased Project Warlock in Australia or New Zealand on with the higher price, to apply for a full refund in Wallet Funds until the end of the month.
Now, we’re not saying to those getting the refund “please buy the game again, at a lower price”. But we wouldn’t mind if they did :)”

So there you have it guys – if you’re affected by this change, please reach out to Support before the end of the month.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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