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Weird West: The Video Game

Hard West, a brutal Wild West tactical RPG, is available for pre-orders now, DRM-free on with a 20% pre-order discounts.

The Hard West is a dangerous West, a weird West – a world of supernatural forces clashing with human greed, remains and traces of black pacts haunting the dusty roads and saloons. Hard West is hard. In true spirit of a wild, wild west – it’s a game that seems to get satisfaction from making sure you never, ever, feel safe and secure. A bullet is a bullet, and folks aren’t made out of sponge. They do, however, have an arsenal of tricks and abilities at their disposal – that, and a healthy dose of luck. Your tactical options will include dynamic, improvised cover, ricochets, and using shadows (not just yours) for every advantage you can get.

Hard West is a game that focuses on offering plenty of depth and unfamiliar twists on your favorite kind of squad-based, tactical gameplay.

You can also pre-order the Hard West – Digital Collector’s Edition, which includes a Digital Artbook, Original Digital Comic Book, and the Full Original Digital Soundtrack!

Pre-order Hard West, DRM-free on The discount will last for the duration of pre-orders.

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