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Beware the Black Death, destroyer of kingdoms.

Grand Ages: Medieval a global strategy game of war and economics, is available for pre-order now, DRM-free on with a 15% discount.

How do you feel about gameplay on a grand scale? Well, Grand Ages: Medieval is ready to tickle your fancy of grandeur. There are hundreds of settlements, and over 30,000,000 Square Kilometers of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Scandinavia – and when you zoom in on your local lumberjacks going about their day, the immensity of it all immediately hits home.
Grand Ages: Medieval is first and foremost a game of economics and city building. You’ll start out with a lonely settlement to build up from scratch, while slowly building up trade networks and relationships with neighboring, up-and-coming kingdoms, just like yours. The goal? Total domination, obviously. But whether you set out to to achieve medieval superiority through trade and coin, or sword and shield – the choice is yours to make.

On top of the 15% discount, the pre-order comes with two in-game DLCs “Camelot” and “Ancient Wonders”, as well as the original soundtrack!

Pre-order Grand Ages: Medieval now on The pre-order deal will last until the game’s release.

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