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Buy 3 games up to 85% off, unlock 3 mystery mutator games for only $2 each.

In our universe governed by the mystifying laws of chaos, mutation lies at the very root of evolution and progress. Without warning one thing becomes another and mixing the same ingredients will lead to a new, surprising outcome every once in a while. Now, in nature these unexpected mutations vary from total success to complete failure. In the world of gaming, however, there can only be one outcome: fun!

Come, join us in exploration of the game genome in our fringe-science Mutator Promo! Nah, that sounds way too serious. Come and play around with test tubes full of games, and see what hot deals will produce for you. Get at least 3 out of 30+ great titles to unlock 3 mystery mutator games for $2 each. What are they? Well, this wouldn’t be very scientific if we knew that prior to the experiment! Might be a $5 game, might be an $45 game. Can your personal wishlist rig the outcome of the experiment? Who knows! The beauty of our chaotic universe at its finest, now in the Mutator Promo on

This exciting promo offer will last for six days, that is until Sunday, October 12, at 10:59AM GMT. We’ll be shaking the test tubes along the way a few times to mix things up along the way and keep things interesting, so make sure to drop by the lab every now and then, not to miss the wonder of discovery!

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