Movie series release: The Gamers

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+20 to Lck, -5 to Ch

The Gamers, a 5-part comedic fantasy series firmly based in the nerdiest corners of the role-playing games fandom, is available up to 60% off on That’s only $15.15 for the whole collection for the first four days.

One late night in a college dorm, four socially inept geeks immerse themselves in a fantasy world of their own creation. As their characters journey through forbidden kingdoms, ancient ruins, and the forsaken wilderness, the players attempt to solve a mysterious puzzle that could ultimately mean the difference between getting a life and death. Who is The Shadow? Where is The Princess hidden? Will any of them ever find a date? And how long do they have before their annoyed neighbors call the cops? So many questions, and that’s only the first of the many adventures that lie ahead of our the bold party of heroes!

Get the whole series of The Gamers movies on and save 60%, or get 40% discount on movies purchased separately. The special launch discount offer lasts until Tuesday, October 7, at 2:29PM GMT.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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