Movie Release: The History of Future Folk

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Hondo! Hondo! Hondo!

The History of Future Folk, an indie Sci-Fi story that has it all: aliens bent on world destruction, boy-meets girl/boy-gets-girl, action adventure, and a killer soundtrack, is available on, for only $5.99.

Sent from planet Hondo to destroy the human race, General Trius, the most decorated soldier in the Hondorian army, has a change of heart when he hears music for the very first time. Taking on the alias “Bill,” he settles down in Brooklyn where he starts a family and a one-man bluegrass act, adopting Earth as his new home. When an assassin from Hondo comes to kill Trius, the two quickly bond over the power of music and form “Future Folk” — a badass bluegrass duo that rocks the house every night and fights to save the fate of both planets. Part sci-fi comedy/part concert film, The History of Future Folk is full of great charm, originality, and fantastic music.

Get ready for some gripping Sci-Fi action in a scale that seems quite epic, actually, if you consider the budget of The History of Future Folk. Get it, watch it, fall in love with it for only $5.99!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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