Midweek Sale: retro point and click games up to 90% off

Classic Games

It’s time to get captivated by the adventure games in their purest form! This Midweek Sale on GOG.COM is dedicated retro to the fascinating point and click games with discounts reaching even 90%. Here are some of those true jewels:

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy (-90%) is a story about a mysterious country in Central America adorned by beautiful visuals designed by Belgian comic artist BenoĆ®t Sokal.

The Colonel’s Bequest (-40%) is a classic Sierra On-line game where you join the journalist Laura Bow on her journey to a mansion deep in the bayous of Southern Louisiana.

The Dig (-65%) is a sci-fi title with a story idea coming from Steven Spielberg himself! Help to stop an asteroid from hitting the earth in this great LucasArts game!

Discover more classic adventure games deserving your attention! This Midweek Sale on GOG.COM will last until 17th October 2020, 1 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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