May the 4th promo: Two Star Wars™ bundles up to 77% off

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Celebrate Star Wars™ day with two massive bundles offering discounts up to 77% off

Most people consider the lightsaber as the defining element of the Star Wars™ universe but for every aspiring Jedi out there, there is a space cowboy who prefers the thrill of a dogfight behind the cockpit of his battered X-Wing. This is a galaxy of infinite possibilities, so why not have both? With discounts up to 77%, the Blaster Bundle and Saber Bundle are truly the deals you are looking for. Pick them up now, you must.

The X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter dogfights are at the heart of the Blaster Bundle but shooting stormtroopers and watching the story unfold in those sweet FMV cutscenes make Rebel Assault 1 + 2 an equally fun experience. Binary choices are the building blocks of the Star Wars™ mythos and Rebellion gives players the rare opportunity to flex their strategic muscles as they either organize the Alliance or expand the Empire.

The Saber Bundle can barely contain the timeless conflicts between Jedi Knight™ – Jedi Outcast, Dark Forces, and Republic Commandos. But thousands of years before all that, the galaxy was shaped by the thrilling adventures of Knights of the Old Republic, who soon went on to become Star Wars™ legends in the eyes of all RPG fans. Thanks in no small part to that mind-boggling plot twist halfway through the original game and the powerful villain reveal in the sequel.

Return to a galaxy far far away and smuggle back the Blaster Bundle, going for 77% off, and the Saber Bundle, going for 58% off. These classics have exhibited remarkable Force sensitivity and rumors have it that they shall bring balance to your prestigious collection.
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