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Major Website Update! Updates/Announcements

The Gravel Pit Classic Gaming News & DownloadsSo The Gravel Pit, in and of itself, has been around since 2002. A small, html based website came around later in 2004 which lasted a few years as I experimented with different content management systems and what not. Later on in 2008 I used more mainstream forum software to put up forum & a downloads section. The main purpose of the website was to support games that no longer had much support. I always found dead download links, lost pages, etc. Some of The Gravel Pit servers are the only ones left of their kind. Some of the games would get use once or twice a year but I would still leave the servers up 24/7/365 just in case someone wanted to experience some oldschool greatness.

Now that games are being given a fresh coat of paint and be re-released, I figured it was time to update The Gravel Pit and make it all that it could/should be. There are still some issues at the moment, and in order to start fresh and have everything work, I did have to switch forum software. I’m not super happy about that aspect, but luckily, usernames/topics/posts were able to be imported. The old forum and download system will still remain as part of an archive, however from this point forward I will probably be switching to something that can be much more easily integrated with the existing website. If you were part of the old forum, get in contact with me so I can give you your new password and get you logged into your account.

From here, I will be looking for contributors who are dedicated to keeping oldschool/unsupported games alive. Major websites have gone offline over the years and at this point I think it’s important to make sure The Gravel Pit is in good health. You’ll still be able to find the old forum topics, downloads, etc, but will also see brand new content coming out along with plethora of other classic gaming news. If you’re interested in becoming an author and keeping the dream alive, send me an e-mail or find me on the interwebs.

Hope you enjoy the new site!


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