June 2014 Standard Rotation


By sponge

The June 2014 Standard arena rotation is now online. On the first Monday of each month, we will be cycling the Standard arena pool. Rather than only having access to the same standard arenas day in and day out, each month we will now feature 26 arenas selected as playable for Standard-level matches.

Newly released arenas will remain exclusive for at least three months, but every other arena is eligible to be included in the cycle.

Standard Map Pool:
Start date: June 2, 2014
End date: July 7, 2014

Base Siege (CTF)
Beyond Reality
Blood Run
Campgrounds Intel
City Crossings (CTF)
Cobalt Station
Cold War
Chemical Reaction
Double Impact (CTF)
Dreadful Place
Electric Head
Focal Point
Foolish Legacy
Future Crossings (CTF)
Hell’s Gate Redux
Jumpwerkz (CTF)
Longest Yard
Siberia (CTF)
Skyward (CTF)
Somewhat Damaged
Windsong Keep

Source: Quake Live


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