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Classic Games is kicking off regular Twitch shows!

Starting this Thursday, at 8:00PM GMT (that’s 12:00PM PST, 4:00PM EDT), we’re bringing GOG com original shows to our official channel, with some really great hosts, entertaining let’s plays, premiere spotlights, and an occasional early look. With all the possibilities that the game streaming service offers, we’re excited to connect with you, dear GOG gamers, in yet another way. We’ve got so many games to show you – both new releases and all-time favorite GOG classics. This should be fun!

Each Thursday, at 8:00PM GMT, one of our Twitch guest hosts will be going online with a live stream full of gaming goodness. We want to start with something off-beat, original, and quirky to make sure that Twitch channel lives up to your expectations. That’s why we’ll be streaming a Devolver Digital release, Hatoful Boyfriend, the indisputable king of pigeon dating sims. Our host tomorrow: BaerTaffy, a Twitcher known for his refined taste in indie games, and a connoisseur of classics.

Join us tomorrow at 8:00PM GMT on our official channel to see our first streaming gameplay and meet the first guest host. Subscribe and stay with us, to find out what shows we have in store for the coming Thursdays and what other fantastic hosts did we invite to our channel.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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