Interview: Jordan Weisman talks Shadowrun, BattleTech, and what keeps him going

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No dragon dealings required to enjoy this.

Visionary designers have been building universes and complex rulesets long before computer RPGs rose to prominence, offering quality escapism to thousands of fans. Jordan Weisman, now the CEO of Harebrained Schemes, was at the forefront of it all and his imagination helped shape the . If you had to pick two important similarities and two main differences between these games, what would they be?

JW: Well besides the giant stompy robot things 🙂 Shadowrun is a story driven RPG with tactical combat where as BattleTech is a tactical combat game with story and RPG elements.

Between tabletop, pen & paper, and video games, you’ve been in the field for almost 40 years now! Any crazy stories to share? What’s the thing that keeps you going?

JW: Ok I am old, but not quite that old 🙂 I have had the enormous pleasure of professionally making tabletop and video games for 37 years now. There are too many crazy stories to share and if I did so I wouldn’t have time to make the games. What keeps me going? The same thing that started me out all those years ago: I love telling stories in which the players are the heroes and heroines, and I love working with diverse collections of people to make those games and universes come to life.

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BattleTech is scheduled for release later this year.

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