IGN takes us for a reflective visit down gaming’s Nostalgia Fields

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How do we deal with nostalgia?

Gamers are not generally known for their tender sensibilities or for fully exploring the more emotional end of the spectrum that the medium has to offer. And yet nostalgia, that warm, fuzzy callback to happy memories or experiences in our past, is a force to be reckoned with, both in the way we play videogames and the way they are marketed. So let’s talk about it!

IGN put up an interesting article, discussing the way gamers are affected by this powerful feeling. It’s a pretty emotional, reflective, and occasionally critical journey through “The Blue Fields of Nostalgia“, and it features the thoughts of legendary creator Ron Gilbert, Night Dive CEO Stephen Kick, and several of GOG.com’s prominent people, among others. Go ahead and give it a read, but keep a pack of hankies at the ready.

So how does nostalgia factor in your own experiences? Does it dictate your gaming habits? What are some of the most evocative gaming moments that you still cherish? Feel free to share, nobody’s judging here. After all, it’s totally normal to cry at the end of Cinema Paradiso AND Grim Fandango. Totally.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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