Halloween Promo: The Scary Door

Classic Games

Up to 90% off this bag full of tasty scares: Outlast, Clive Barker’s Undying, Oxenfree, SOMA, Fran Bow, and more!

You are listening to a song that sounds like your grandma playing ping-pong with a gentleman stag. Suddenly, a distant noise of something breaking – or perhaps it’s just the neighbor chopping down your favorite tree. But you live in the desert. It’s all very confusing and disorienting until you check the calendar and realise it’s almost Halloween! Time to put on your spooky face and go search the neighborhood for some scary good games going for up to 90% off. Time to go through The Scary Door.

Everyone you know is out here trick or treating, dressed up as something cool like the kids in Costume Quest. Be careful which houses you visit, though. Better avoid disturbing the disturbed Cat Lady downstairs, for starters. And that Last Door at the end of the road? It’s strangely inviting, despite its ancient looks, but what are these eerie sounds coming from inside? Should you happen upon a wandering girl with a bag full of weird red candy, be so kind and help her find her cat. Poor Fran Bow has already been through enough.
This is one of these nights where your friends might try to drag you to some remote island with an abandoned military facility for some midnight mischief. If you want to feel Oxenfree for a while, feel free to join them, but better check if any of your buddies is possessed first, or you might end up stuck in a ghostly loop. Then again, you might not even make it there, not if you need to cross a Sunless Sea ruled by terrible Gods and odd creatures. Ah yes, this is definitely going to be a night to …read more

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