GWENT: Patch 8 is live, brings fixes and redesigned boards

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A new update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4!

With this update, our main focus was to fix major issues experienced by the players, especially on Xbox One platform whereby turn progression would get blocked, as well as improving mulligan phase – the chances of redrawing the same card that had already been put back in the deck, are decreased.

Also, we’ve redesigned boards – you can see your faction’s color and character spill onto battlefield now!

Full list of changes:
*New features:*
Second Arena mode added!
New board designs!
Added 30+ premium cards!

*Game fixes*
– Fixed an issue whereby turn progression would get blocked on Xbox One.
– Fixed an issue whereby users erroneously joined Arena matchmaking after selecting – Casual or Ranked play.
– Fixed the Titles displayed in Season End rewards for the top 10,000 rankings.
– Fixed Geralt: Yrden’s premium card sword animation.
– Fixed an issue whereby An Craite Raider’s ability would trigger when Consumed from deck or hand.
– Fixed an issue whereby Stefan Skellen would not boost Geralt: Professional after moving it to the top of the deck.
– Fixed several issues with Summoning Circle
– Fixed an issue whereby cards would get stuck after canceling their abilities.
– Added notification about GOG Galaxy overlay requirement for real currency transactions to get Mirror Shards.
– Fixed the Transmute button on previews of unowned premium cards.
– Fixed an issue whereby Cerys an Craite’s counter would trigger only once when Discarded by Bran Tuirseach before 2 other units that are immediately Resurrected.
– Improved redraw algorithms to decrease the chances of redrawing a card that had already been put back in the deck once.
– Fixed an issue whereby Geralt: Professional could be played on the opponent’s side.
– Several tooltip fixes and improvements.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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