GWENT: Nilfgaard is here – Celebrate with a huge Beta keys giveaway

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Claim your own spot under the Great Sun.

The Emperor’s troops are invading in full force! Meet them for a round of GWENT by claiming one of the 20,000 Beta keys up for grabs!

Nilfgaard, the fifth playable faction for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has just been released, bringing a slew of new cards, mechanics, and devious strategies to the table. celebrates its arrival with a huge giveaway and all brave card slingers are invited to join.

It’s simple: just enter using the widget below and go give Emhyr var Emreis our kindest regards.
But act fast – it’s first come, first served!

For more information about the new faction, as well as all changes introduced in the latest GWENT update, head over this way.


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