Enter the Gungeon just got a massive Supply Drop update!

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Contains awesome murder-tools and so many places to use them!

Enter The Gungeon, the bombastic roguelike dungeon crawler of non-stop action, has received a hefty Supply Drop as a free update! Put on your death-proof armor and let’s take a peek inside.

Supply Drop is filled to the brim with a healthy sum of unhealthy challenges and the means to conquer them, including:

– Nearly 200 new rooms
– New weapons, like the Bullet Gun, which is shaped like a bullet and shoots actual guns that in turn shoot smaller bullets. Bulletception!
– New companions, like Ser Junkan, an unsavoury fellow who becomes more powerful the more junk you are carrying
– Daring Gungeoneers can measure themselves against the unique pasts for Robot and Bullet
– A brand-new boss: the menacing Mine Flayer

Enter The Gungeon armed with bullet-hell reflexes and get ready to explore the volatile contents of the Supply Drop update!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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