Early Access Release on Jan. 22


By Sharkster


After going through a couple of heavy testing sessions, we now defined the final release date for the beta: TOXIKK will hit Steam’s Early Access program on January, 22. We had to expand our original beta release estimation (Q4/2014) by three weeks, as the final alpha stage revealed some hard to replicate network issues and some UI problems that require a bit more attention, than what we could have achieved, before this month is over. And also…, there’s Xmas

The TOXIKK Pro-League Founders’ Program (25% discounted pre-orders, forum badges, in-game founders’ skins etc.) will end on January, 10. From that date on, we’ll no longer offer the game through our website. Full price purchases will be possible through Steam only, starting January 22.

We value our community and are grateful for all the support we received from the people who have pre-ordered the game through the Pro-League Founder’s Program. All that extra cash went straight into polishing the game to a point, where we believe that you’ll have a lot of fun with TOXIKK, right from its first day on Steam.

Thank you all for your support and see you in-game!

If you want to leave a comment or discuss the release date, you can do so in the community forum.



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