Darkest Dungeon gets a FREE ray of hope with the Radiant Update

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Same agony, but quicker!

The Darkest Dungeon and full of terrors. Hideous, toothy, maddeningly resilient terrors. But a slim ray of light appeared today: the Radiant Update! It includes a Mode that cuts down on the more time-consuming aspects of the gameplay, introduces some neat stuff, and is totally free!

The biggest addition is the Radiant Mode, which drastically reduces the time you’ll have to spend in the company of these monstrosities before you can reach the end of this nightmare. Thanks to the accelerated XP progression, the reduced cost and increased frequency of Upgraded Recruits plus several other tweaks, activating this Mode should make your run through Darkest Dungeon decidedly quicker, albeit not necessarily less challenging.

But the Radiant Update also brings a ton of fixes, several gameplay changes, and neat additions for all Modes. Most notably:
– Adds 4 new gnarly monsters
– A new trinket discovery quest
– Two new Town Events
– The NG+ mode is now named Stygian and selecting it doesn’t require prior completion of the game

So gather your horribly traumatized band of adventurers and return to the Darkest Dungeon for another doomed attempt, to check all the awesome additions and changes introduced in the massive Radiant Update!

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