Contest: Broken Age’s Next Great Hero

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The game is finished, but your creativity is only just warming up!

Tim Schafer has completed the first graphic adventure he designed with today’s release of Broken Age: Act 2. Moment by moment, the storylines of both Vella and Shay, heroes from very different worlds but in scarily similar situations, were wrapped up. Settings remained just as beautiful and voice acting just as brilliant, if not better.

The game is complete – but we want more. We want you to bring a third Broken Age character to life through your own words.

The rules of this contest are simple: create your own Broken Age character, in 100 words or less. Give them a name, a story, and a goal – or just write whatever you wish about them, with as much or as little detail as you think is best. Post your writing in this thread before Sunday, May 3rd, 11:59 PM GMT and, if we decide your literary creation is the very best, you’ll win the grand prize – but that’s not the only reward we’re planning to hand out!


1st place: A Broken Age t-shirt, a game print signed by Tim Schafer, and 5 game codes worth $5.99 each
2 runners-up: A Broken Age t-shirt and 3 game codes worth $5.99 each
5 honorable mentions: 1 game code worth $9.99 each

Some extra rules:

— Don’t edit your post once it’s posted. Check spelling, grammar, content, and punctuation before you make your post, not after.
— Only one post/entry per person – if you make more, only the first one will be judged
— The deadline is Sunday, May 3rd, 11:59 PM GMT.
— The word limit is 100 words. Longer entries won’t be taken into account.
— We aim to pick a winner by Friday, May …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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