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The Silver Case, a crime adventure/visual novel steeped in mystery and political intrigue, is now fully remastered and coming soon, DRM-free on

The city is gripped by fear. A mysterious serial killer leaves behind him a trail of bodies, taunting the authorities and terrorizing the population. But the murders seem connected to the infamous “Silver Case” from 20 years back, which costed the lives of many political figures. Could it be that the elusive Kamui Uehara is back? And if so, why did he or she stop killing 20 years ago?
A special forces unit is tasked with putting an end to these gruesome murders. As its member, you’ll need to investigate the city’s shadows, squeeze information out of unwilling witnesses, and solve puzzles that may reveal you the evidence you need. Originally released in 1999 without English localization, The Silver Case is the fully remastered version of the cult classic, which introduced us to SUDA51’s twisted realm of dark imagination.

Wishlist The Silver Case and prepare to be thrust into an intriguing world of lies, betrayal, and murder — DRM-free on

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