Coming Soon: Daedalic attack: Caravan + Candle

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A fine selection of Daedalic newborns!

Several intriguing new games from the beloved publisher/developer are coming soon, DRM-free on, and we’re here to give them an early welcome!

So let’s meet these promising titles who will soon be the talk of the town:

Candle tells the hand-painted, puzzle-driven story of Teku, a tribesman who must save a shaman and fulfil his destiny. In this treacherous, mystical land that is getting consumed by darkness, having a left hand shaped like a candle is all Teku needs to light his path and illuminate the dangers of his environment.

Caravan tells an Oriental tale through its methodical strategy/RPG mechanics and its striking storybook aesthetic. As you make your way from town to town, trading and interacting with the locals, your caravan will encounter exotic creatures, ruthless bandits, and the numerous perils of the mesmerizing but dangerous Arabian nights.

Wishlist Daedalic’s upcoming offerings and prepare for a barrage of emotional and addictive experiences — DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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