Classic Gem Promo: Theme Park

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Little pixel people, great entertainment!

Put more salt in the popcorn and raise the price of soda: this is how big bucks are made in Theme Park, a classic amusement park management game from Bullfrog Productions. Yes, snacks play a big role in your business, but let’s not forget about all the amazing rides and attractions you can build to make your little pixel visitors happy. Give them roller coasters, ferris wheels, love boats, haunted houses, and bouncy castles and they’ll keep coming back for more. This amazing classic offers you the option to manage every little detail of your park’s design and economy, to make it the best–and the most profitable–in the world. With colorful graphics, surprisingly deep mechanics, and tons of light-hearted humor, Theme Park is sure to entertain you for many carefree hours.

Get into the business of entertaining the pixelfolk and design the greatest money-machine in Theme Park, for only $2.99 on The Classic Gem Promo 50% discount offer lasts until Tuesday, March 25, at 10:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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