Calling All Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Players!

Classic Games Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

ShogoWell folks, I’ve played rounds of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division on two separate occasions this past week. I think that, in and of itself, requires a post to be made here at The Gravel Pit. Shogo: MAD was one of those games that left quite the impression on me as a kid. We were well into playing games online or over the network, and this game was one that really shined in my eyes. Shogo was released in 1998 by Monolith and ran on their own ‘Lithtech’ engine. It actually did look pretty swell to me for it’s time, and though it was somewhat stiff, I always enjoyed the fluidity it gave to the mech battles.

All in all, it’s time to get some more people in on the action so we can have some proper battles. If you play, join TGP’s new Shogo: MAD Steam Group.

The Gravel Pit Shogo: MAD Server IP:

You can find the necessarily patch files in the downloads section.

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