A new My Account

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Big changes are here.

My Account is the heart of your GOG.com experience. It’s the one place that’s 100% yours, and the place you always go to download your games and manage the entire library.
Starting today, your My Account is completely new – remade and redesigned from scratch to better support our growing library of games and many of your biggest requests. Aside from every usability fix we could think of, we’ve also introduced brand new tools to keep your library organised, and new social features to stay in touch with your friends.

The list of new features is long, but you can see the whole thing on our forums. The most important highlights include:

–Support for friends lists and chat.
–Shared wishlists.
–Advanced filtering and custom tags for your library.
–A new, detailed order history.
–Accessible game changelogs.

We’re sure that these new changes will greatly improve your overall user experience on GOG.com, and we can’t wait to hear what you think on the wishlist and right here in the comments!

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