7 classic games that are a blast to play on PC!

Classic Games

From the surfaces of distant planets to the depths of the deepest dungeons, the games we’re about to show you will let you travel to places full of excitement and adventure. If this sounds like fun to you, make sure to check out these 7 classic titles brought back to our modern computers thanks to the efforts of Piko Interactive and GOG.COM!


This military science fiction tactical shooter developed by SingleTrac (creators of the Twisted Metal series) was published by Microsoft in 1998. The game drew much inspiration from the titles popular at the time, including Starship Troopers and MechWarrior.

As Outwars’ protagonist, Mikhal, you must fight the evil “Skulls” across different planets, all featuring unique settings. To do this, you must utilize multiple weapons, armors, and accessories, like the indispensable rocket pack. The latter enables you to commit complex aerial maneuvers that will further increase the fun in this action-packed game.

The Immortal

Something for dark fantasy fans! The Immortal is an isometric action-adventure title released in 1990 and developed by Will Harvey, the creator of the first commercial sheet music processor for home computers.

The Immortal puts you in the role of a sorcerer who must venture into the depths of the Labyrinth of Eternity in order to save his mentor. As the story progresses, things get more and more complicated, and the underworld you travel through is eventually torn apart by a war between trolls and goblins.

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark

Created in 1995, this rather peaceful FPS takes you to the ancient Biblical time of the Great Flood. In Super 3-D Noah’s Ark, you start at the moment the doors of the ark are opening, as Noah’s family, along with the animals, begin to make their way to dry land.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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