6 times video games and pop culture bonded to create something great

Classic Games

Eons ago, there was a time when video games were niche entertainment with little or no influence on popular culture. Of course, that is no longer the case! Here are 6 examples where video games left profound marks on mainstream culture or became pop-culture themselves!

Blade Runner

If you haven’t watched the cult Ridley Scott film from 1982, you have a lot of catching up to do. Based on the Philip K. Dick novel, Blade Runner is one of the most profound sci-fi pictures ever created. It had to wait 35 years for a sequel, but luckily, gamers could return to a Los Angeles of the future much sooner. Made in 1997, Blade Runner from Westwood Studios remains one of the best movie adaptations in the history of video games. Not only did it recreate the atmosphere from the original film, but also gave gamers an engaging story of its own.

Deathtrap Dungeon

Sometimes the student can outmatch the master, and here we have such a case. The original Deathtrap Dungeon adventure gamebook by Ian Livingstone was published in 1984. It was a part of the Fighting Fantasy series born in the middle of the tabletop RPG hype of the 1980s. The Deathtrap Dungeon game from Eidos Interactive, released 14 years later, took the “interactive” book’s story to a 3D environment and remains popular today.

LEGO games

In 1999 the popular toy company from Denmark made one of the most successful decisions in the industry’s history. After it began buying licenses for franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Caribbean, their toy business skyrocketed to the next level. It led to a string of successful films featuring their toys, as well as a series of video games developed by …read more

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