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As a die hard fan of this game: “DISCLAIMER: BETA TESTER”
Get ready to rumble in the jungles of the lost lands like never before with this Turok. This remaster is essentially the same game from 1997 that we know and love except improved with enhanced mechanics, settings, graphics, and performance especially. They took all of the stuff in Turok that wasn’t so great and made it gold.

In 1997 Turok shook the world, Dinosaur Hunter quickly became one of the most recognized games of its time. It had dinosaurs and a Doom/Duke Nukem motive towards its gameplay(even noted by the original dev David Deinstbier). But it surely wasn’t just a clone. Turok really stuck out to me , there were some setbacks in the original release that have been preventing the game to really shine and last forever. It had 24-30 fps and an extreme amount of fog to prevent you from seeing to much details on the screen at once. Sure t


Now with Turok EX you can run the game at a steady 60 fps setting while also increasing the fov up to 120! These two settings together make for a great experience alone. Increasing the fov makes you able to see more, now combine that with the “Extended draw distance” option and it almost renders the fog limits into oblivion. This simply just makes the game much better and i’m astonished in its results. There is also quite a few additional options in the settings that can prove fun to poke with. For example a new weapon bobbing feature, water reflection, and sunlight scatter. The most intruiging one is the sun scatter which makes the game render sun rays and they shine beutifully through the tree branches and levels. This combined with the water reflection causes for some really nice scenery.


This is not even close to a port that just got picked up and kicked off the cliff to release, so much love was poured into this one. It now feels like the game I knew it was, it always had the potential! Its not always possible to say a remaster is much better then the original but here the comparison isn’t even close. Whether you have played the original or not this game rocks and its a dream come true for myself. I prefer the likes of classic gameplay, graphics, and models this game just needed to be opened up. Now it is my favorite Turok game without a doubt.

Turok was a locked treasure chest and Night Dives deep sea divers located, found, and unlocked it. If this released on N64 it would be the gold cart.

Here is something for comparison

Old Turok

New Turok

The Verdict


The Good: The game really has been opened it has many new features and the performance has been upped more then 10 times the original.

Support for high resolutions, and widescreen
Improved gameplay and level design
OpenGL for video backend to provide portability and support for vertical sync
Dynamic lighting, bloom, FXAA, enhanced water effects, lights shafts and more
Ability to freely rebind all keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs

The Bad: As a long term fan there really isn’t anything bad and as a mapper/modder in progress Turok is only looking up.

TurokMade in 2014 : 
Turok map is based off of my memories of playing Turok (especially the N64 versions) and not a specific map. Turoks homeland has been taken over by aliens the government say’s it is to risky to send soldiers in to help a fellow hero since it is in an uncharted area and they are unaware to what dangers lie ahead. Duke loads his pistol and says “Go ahead make my day” as he begins a mission only he can do. Duke wont let this happen to a fellow hero. 

Duke Nukem:Dinosaur Hunter (Level 1) 

Single Player : The map is different then normal maps. It is a strate forward type of map with vertical gameplay this gameplay was built on purpose to feel like an adventure/journey of traveling from one place to another like Turok. 

Co op: Supports 8 players 

Tester : bullerbuller7 (special thanks) 

Music : Turok Dinosaur hunter main theme


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