The Winter Sale Starts Now

Full Throttle Remastered for free ⬥ Daily Flash Deals ⬥ free game with first purchase ⬥ more than 2000 deals across 3 weeks

The stay-at-home season’s festivities launch with free stuff, daily deals, personalized recommendations and more deals than ever before! All this goodness on GOG.COM – purveyors of the DRM-free spirit, curators of the best in gaming, and a friendly bunch of gamers overall.

The Winter Sale will last for 3 full weeks, till January 3.

Wear your helmet and respect local speed limits, but otherwise, put the pedal to the metal. Grab a copy of Full Throttle Remastered for free in the first 48h of the sale (till December 15, 2:00 PM UTC)! Your destination is a giveaway banner parked on the GOG.COM front page – click on it to redeem the game for free.

And since we’re on the subject of FREE – unlock free games while you shop in the sale: get Fantasy General free with your first purchase, and EVERSPACE once all your Winter Sale spendings add up to $15.

DRM-free your Steam games – GOG Connect is back! Connect your Steam account and add eligible games to your DRM-free library. Some titles you can Connect include: … And there’s a new batch of eligible titles each week, so check back regularly!

The Winter Sale kicks off with +1900 offers, and you can expect nearly every game on sale this Holiday Season.
Daily Deals, an old favorite returns – these are particularly high discounts available for 24 hours only. So check back at 2:00 PM UTC every day for eight new games you won’t otherwise find in the Winter Sale.

Might seem overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here – and we’ve unleashed a technomagical AI to suggest games you’ll probably definitely want to have! Check the Recommendations section on the front page, and …read more

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