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It’s been over two decades since the release of the first space trading and combat simulator from Egosoft. Since then, the X series has expanded rapidly with three sequels and three standalone expansions. The release of X4: Split Vendetta in 2020 shows that the studio is still on the road to create the perfect space simulator. That’s why we’ve decided to ask one of its founders a bunch of questions concerning games… and space, of course.

GOG.COM: Why do you think people keep staring at the stars, wishing to explore space?

Bernd Lehahn: I like to believe that it is human nature to be curious and to explore. Space is of course one of, if not THE ultimate frontier. Whenever I get a chance to look up to the stars, I cannot help but wonder about the vastness of it all. These unbelievable distances, the ability to look so far back into our past, and even today, with our very limited knowledge, we are only just beginning to grasp so many incredible things about this universe.

So yeah, the real question should be why we are not staring upwards a lot more every night…

When you started to develop the game, did you ever think about how big the universe created by gamers would become?

Not really. When we started with the first version of what would eventually later turn into X: Beyond the Frontier, we had no idea it would gain so much traction. We were an extremely tiny developer and used to developing titles for our local market only. We had made adventure games out of a love for it, more than for the money, and X: Beyond the Frontier was really the first time, after almost 10 years of work in this industry, that a …read more

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