Weekly Staff Picks: Agents Without Borders

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Up to 80% off Desperados, Broforce, Frozen Synapse, Syndicate Wars, and more!

There are some men who lead a life of danger/ to everyone they meet they stay a stranger.
But we know who they are, don’t we? They are the unsung heroes, the globetrotting shadows, the unknown gamechangers. They are the Agents Without Borders and we managed to locate them for a well-deserved bow and an up to 80% discount. Let’s put our hands together for these masters of covert ops and pray that we never find ourselves on their to-do list.

John Cooper has bitten more tobacco than he could chew, but thankfully he doesn’t have to face the train bandits of El Paso alone. All six of his team members are expert infiltrators and utilising their special skills could be the key to outmaneuvering this bunch of ruthless Desperados.

Are you having the brain munches? Then you’ll love the wholesome turn-based tactics of Frozen Synapse. There’s much more to these red and green men than meets the eye and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you feed them the right orders before hitting the execute button. It’s your turn to save the day and rescue these hostages, soldier!

It’s not about how far you can travel but about how far you are willing to go in order to accomplish your mission. Agents Without Borders are experts at pulling all stops to achieve success but they need you to guide them through. Meet the rest of the team: Commandos Ammo Pack, Chroma Squad, Broforce, Syndicate Plus, and more!
The promo will last until July 29, 9:59 AM UTC.

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