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Hello-o. Is a-nyone the-re?

Oh, you thought you were soooo clever, didn’t you? Laying low, waiting to be discovered by accident or word of mouth.
Well, the jig’s up, GAMES – you’ve been spotted! And to make sure you won’t get “accidentally” misplaced again, we’ve made you part of our Weekly sale. Where everyone can see you for the underappreciated gems that you are.

He’s already unnaturally skilled in the art of stealth and deception but more than that, Aragami wears his occult inspirations proudly on his embroidered sleeve. Right next to the blades he uses to off his unaware victims with.

Speaking of the occult, Hard West, the turn-based western of supernatural disposition also has plenty to offer on that front. But not before it tests your tactical prowess in challenging scenarios that will decide the fate of your doomed gunslinger and his team of misfits.

Beneath its charming looks and captivating folk music, The Flame in the Flood hides a desperate struggle for survival. Venture downstream with your trusty dog and raft, and don’t let your future get washed away by the elements.

The Weekly sale ends March 5, 11 PM UTC.

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